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About Us

A.B'S Roofing & Contracting Inc. Is a locally owned Roofing and exterior contracting company with 15 years experience in the industry and is celebrating 5 years in business!

Our passion of our craft is what pushes day in and day out to produce higher standards right down to our last cut and last minute on site.  We provide exceptional Quality with integrity backed by products with proven durability and superior performance. We have over a decade of hands on experience that enables us to provide valuable information from a installer and sales perspective.  We're always trying new methods, new products and always improving our service for the best customer satisfaction and experience possible.  Irrelevant of budget we have designed exclusive exterior packages that can be tailored to yours and your properties needs and add a MASSIVE amount of value & aesthetic appeal.  We have found a way to implement the use of all manufacturer products to be able to incorporate the use of certified installer applications in all of our packages.

Ensuring each and every roof gets the hidden benefits within warranty that no one tells you about!

Why we are different?


We have found a way to be able to offer a completely different experience for our customers! Something that enables us to continuously raise the bar. We believe that the feeling you should get with us, should be like the piece of mind you have when you buy a new car and the warranties it comes with. What would it look like to you if you could imagine what your roof, siding, soffit, fascias, eavestroughs and even stucco would look like if you were renovating or replacing an exterior component?

Our 3D modeler gives you the opportunity to not only visualize your project but to also collect all the measurements of your desired replacements!

What makes us special?

A.B's Roofing & Contracting is a GAF certified contractor. To be a GAF certified contractor you have to be able to meet the requirements of being able to provide GAF with your insurance details, WCB details, and company registration to ensure they can regularly check and validate that your consistently keeping up to date with your accounts  . We like to give our customers the reassurance that they're in good hands