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About Us


We love our industry,  the work we do and the passion we carry for our installations. But more than that we love for people to be informed on the reasons of why things happen , providing the solution  and the process of the solution and why it's necessary. We like our customers to be able to paint a clear picture so they can have their ''AH HA" moment.

A.B'S Roofing & Contracting Inc. is a local calgary business with deep roots. A.B'S was created from seeing an astonishing issue with a lack of integrity and quality installations within the industry and wanting to be a solution to that problem. A.B'S Roofing & Contracting was founded on a passion for Roofing and exterior renovations, our belief is that we will always strive to better our best because our goal is to continue to enhance our services and customers journey throughout our process. Our proficient knowledge and execution of exterior system applications are done by a professional team of quality and integrity oriented Gaf & Velux certified installers.

What does it mean to be certified you might ask?

To be trained in the practices and (installation) procedures from the particular manufacturer of which you hold certification. Being a certified installer also means that you can offer longer warranty periods with little or no proration. These billion dollar companies also check company liability & insurance for regular validity which is a requirement to be certified.

Being a GAF & Velux certified Contractor allows us to be able to offer superior installations warranties . Because of our proficient product knowledge and expertise within our area of the industry. We are able to use this information in relation to technological advancements with products, and to give our customers a unique experience tailored to theirs and there properties needs, wants and even geographical location.

We have over 15 years experience and have been in business for 6 years with over 500 projects completed. Our picture portfolio is available for viewing on our website, and we have a plethora of happy customers and can provide references at any given  request.

We specialize in Roofing, roof repairs and exterior renovations. We have extensive knowledge Roofing & exterior systems, repairs, leak diagnostics & solutions, replacement and renovation services.

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